Home Inspection Services

One of the only drone operators in Wisconsin offering this service to home inspectors.  Saving time, risk, and worry we give you the best service for you, your family, and clients.


Why Use a Drone

Have you ever climbed on a roof and worried about slipping off because it was wet or the pitch was too steep? Have you ever wished there was a way to save time on a job to satisfy your client and get the best results? Save yourself time, risk, and hassle of hauling out a ladder; call us for the peace of mind that comes with staying safely on the ground.

Our high resolution camera can capture amazing quality photos and videos for you to view in real time.  Recording the inspection also gives you the peace of mind that you are giving accurate analysis to your client.

Primarily based in the Milwaukee Area, we service all of southeastern WI.

Basic Home Flight    $50*

*Location Dependent