Top 6  Uses for Aerial Photography

Stand Out Real Estate

The best way to make any estate listing or personal property stand out is with aerials.  Aerial photography allows a distinct perspective on a property and is quickly becoming a necessity to stand out among other listings. Drones allow a buyer a better idea of size and layout of a property from the drive to the size of the yard, there isn't any property that can't benefit from aerial photography.

Business Advertising

Aerial photography is the best way to showcase your business to target advertising.  The overhead view gives customers a very clear idea of where your business is located, and what is around so you can easily be found.  If you are located where there is a great view, aerial photography is necessary to showcase your view to draw in customers.

Travel Advertising

Do you want to attract people to come to your destination? Everyone can take a photo from their phone and post it just about anywhere.  Give your guests the view they wish they could have with aerial photography.  The unique vantage point will make your guest pause and consider you more since you set yourself apart.

Outdoor Events

Is there an event you are planning that requires a large area? In order to capture the entire event, you need to be seen from the air. Perfect for annual events and promotions for next year, drone photography is minimally invasive and captures your event differently than all others.


Wisconsin has so many beautiful places and scenery. From the rolling hills in the Driftless Area to the Northwoods, there are so many sights to behold. Views like always being on the top of the tallest hill, aerial photography captures the beauty in all its grandeur. If you have a favorite view, contact us to capture it for you and preserve it forever.


Farming is one of the greatest industries in Wisconsin and aerial photography is the best way to capture beauty with utility. Utilizing GPS enabled drones, we are able to fly specific points to help you analyze your crop and cattle.

Home inspections can also be dangerous with steep pitches and slippery shingles.  Drones save the risk of injury by taking the risk out of the equation.  High resolution imaging transmitted directly to a tablet on the ground, allow for real time analysis that can be viewed and backed up later.